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    Can anyone give me an application you would want a single channel DVR.

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    I have had a few applications over the years where I have had a single camera at a remote location where I could have used a single channel DVR.

    A short time ago, I did work for a water utility that had about a dozen gates located remotely around a several square mile watershed area. We provided access control and a CCTV cameras at each gate. There was no connectivity between most of gates and the central monitoring post so we resorted to using dial-up or DSL depending on what we could get at the specific location.

    We had a cabinet at each gate that had a local DVR and access controller. As I recall, we used 8 or 16 channel DVRs just to stay consistent with what we were using elsewhere, but could have used a single channel DVR in this application.
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      Nanny cams!
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        Single channel DVRs were great replacement for VCRs that were tied to multiplexers... and those days very much are gone..

        I know for a fact that certain Casinos still use them mostly Sanyo single channel DVRs and this model specifically DSR-M810...