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Anyone familiar with DSX?

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  • Anyone familiar with DSX?

    I have an unusual situation with my DSX system. I ran a history report last week for the previous month. The report shows all the activity for the month, except that there is one day that is completely omitted. There is NO activity shown in the building on that day - no access, no alarms, no nothing. Theoretically possible, yes. Except that I checked the CCTV footage and clearly see a number of people entering the building using their access cards.

    I've tried every combination of data to get something for that day - there is nothing. The vendor walked me through repairing the database and rebooting the computer, still nothing. He said, and I quote, "This is from the X-files." I also tried running reports on random days and weeks through the past year. This appears to be the only missing date.

    Also, I can run reports on specific card holders, days, times, companies, events, but not devices. When I select only certain devices, the report invariably shows all devices. All we can figure is that the system has somehow become corrupt.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on what it might be and/or how to fix it?
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    I have never come across that problem. DSX systems are pretty robust. If fixing the database did not bring it back it is more then likely gone. The only time I have ever had lost data in an access control system is if the system was down. You said you seen them using cards on camera. Sometimes even if the system is down people will still swipe their cards not knowing they can just open the door. I would check and see if anyone was doing any maintenance when the system went down. Check the database around the time of the beginning and end of the downtime to see if there is anything that may help you (i.e. electrician entering the room with the access system, someone entering the room right before the downtime and again after the system comes up, etc.).


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      I can see two scenarios that may have contributed to your issue:

      1) Daylight savings time change- it shouldn't matter but it could corrupt the DB.

      2) Was the network down that day? If so the transactions would be buffered and would come in the next day.

      Just some thoughts- good luck!!
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