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    Originally posted by SIW Editor View Post
    I talk sometimes with the folks that make components that go inside DVRs like drives and electronics and such. I'm not super knowledgeable about the individual guts and parts, but it's been interesting to learn more about this side of the technology.

    What I wanted to ask those of you on our forums was whether or not you pay attention to the manufacturers of the hard drives in a DVR or in a network storage system for video surveillance? Why/why not?

    This is what I'm hearing: there are a couple different "grades" of hard drives, and some can be engineered for more continual usage (like writing data all day as in video surveillance recorders) or for stop-start usage (like in a standard home PC, where it may sit idle for times and then work for other times). Does this kind of information interest you, and do you pay attention to that level of the storage system?

    Do you think your clients -- those people paying you to put these DVRs in their businesses -- are interested in the quality of internal components?

    Just some food for thought -- I'd love to get your input...

    Geoff Kohl

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie here. I've seen some of my friends use various types of DVRs. I myself have one at my cafe. I believe that it's more of "you get what you pay for" like what Curtis said. You do have the option to have it configured to suit your needs.

    Just a thought.

    thanks for viewing my post.



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      Here is something interesting and the latest scoop on solid state hard drives...

      I just go my hand on MTRON MSD-S25032 Solid State Drive that replaced the hard drive from one of my notebooks... and I was stunned... performance was better than RAID "0" of regular hard drives...

      The speed of these device is, well non comparable with anything out there, even with PC based hard drives that push over 15K RPM speed...

      Available drive sizes are 16GB and 32GB... and more than adequate for an overage notebook needs... It is avail from with 2.5" hard drive sizes... They also started shipping 3.5" version recently...

      It seems to me that this device paves a way to end the hard drives technologies as we know it... No moving components, no gear heads, no bearing to wear out, no delay while waiting for the head to seek, etc...

      According to the distributor of this device, by end of this year the pricing for the 32GB device should drop below $1,000... and by end of the next year, as more and more manufacturers start producing similar devices), they anticipate up to 120GB version of the same device and existing drive configuration to touch off close to few hundred dollars...

      I think the future definitely looks better and better on improving the slowest component of the computers - hard drives...

      If only software manufacturers could keep up with hardware changes that occur daily...