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    Basically I am looking for a very economical wireless day/night camera system which has good distance in low light conditions. It is going to be used for keeping watch of a couple vehicles mainly during the night in a slightly lit up area. I am very new to CCTV so I just need to know what to look for in a unit and which units to stay away from.

    Also with wireless units I suppose I will still need to have it connected to a power supply of some sort? or are there battery systems that I can buy which will last 4-8 hours?

    Here are the units I am looking at so far.

    -PolarisUSA Video, Inc ILC-2400HA 2.4ghz wireless camera and transmitter system, 420 lines resolution, weather-resistant, audio, and 26 IR Leds $169.95

    with this I would get a portable dvr maybe matrix pmp4dvr-tft for 349.95.

    Or the securemax RYK-9131A portable mini surveillance dvr for $380.00

    -Matrix WCP-25TFT wireless camera, transmitter, and receiver/dvr package. Basically comes with day/night camera, transmitter, and a portable dvr recorder for $349.95

    this one looks like the night mode might be kind of weak.

    -or the Outdoorwatch wireless color infrared camera system for $149.00

    to be used with one of the portable dvr receivers.

    If anyone has any comments or other suggestions please let me know. Any help would be appreciated
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    The systems you provided links to are not bad for the price. They are limited though. and are basicly 'line of sight' systems. Their range is greatly reduced when used indoors and need to transmit through walls or windows. They all looked like they are AA or nicad powered which limits their run time.

    Look for something that is operated off of a 12v system and use alarm panel batteries - or a deep cycle marine battery for super long run times. These are the low end of wireless viseo units. Try looking at

    You also can check Sam's Club, BJ's and Home Depot for a very nice package that included 2 wireless cameras, recorder and monitor for about $300.00. Strictly indoors though.
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      Curtis I think locknid should step back and use a probability matrix to determine the sensitivity, criticality and vulnerability of the assets he wishes to protect. He needs to ask if the electrical system at his facility will support a cctv system and also determine the radiative interference signature. After he has this on paper, the footprint carefully before him, visit the extremeCCTV website or email [email protected] explaining the results of his security assessment.
      If he or anyone else goes on the cheap they may very well rue the day.
      Enjoy the day,


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        What is your need for wireless. Is there no way to get cables to the cameras. It's definitely worth a little bit of labor, if it's possible. What's your basic layout?

        Also, is it not possible to add light? I always encourage my customers to consider adding more light. That doesn't mean you won't need a low light camera, but it will help, as well as act as a deterrent.
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          its real basic what my needs are. I just need like one camera that can see day or night up to about 30-40 feet outdoors to watch my vehicle while at work. I don't need anything too outragous since it is not for a retail location or anything like that. I am just expecting some criminal damage to be done to my vehicle at work and need the video to id someone if it does happen. There are only a few people it could be. I need something easy and simple to set up but able to run all night. nothing run on batteries. The units I posted in my original all seemed to come with power supplys and the portable dvr units with screen can either be run off batteries or power supply.


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            If you want simple look at Simply plug in the camera to the nearest power outlet and plug the usb receiver in to your PC. The camera comunicates thru the power line.


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              Originally posted by AR1 View Post
              If you want simple look at Simply plug in the camera to the nearest power outlet and plug the usb receiver in to your PC. The camera comunicates thru the power line.
              Security Dealer's Greg McConnell wrote an article about this WiLife/LukWerks technology for SIW about a year ago. Here's the link: