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Does colorVu show true color?

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  • Does colorVu show true color?

    I'm looking to upgrade my CCTV system.

    A few years back EXIR (Extended Infrared) cameras hit the market.

    Although they had excellent night vision, they were missing the color red in the light spectrum which means they didn't give true color. (e.g. If a car is blue it will come up as green in the footage).

    This has resulted in some nasty indents happening.

    I see the new camera on the market are these ColorVu cameras.

    Has anyone used them & can anyone tell me if they do show up true to color ( i.e. if a car is blue, it will come out blue in the footage)?

    The reason why I'm asking is because if the ColorVu camera doese have colors missing with night vision, then it will be better for me to still use the old I.R, cameras.