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NVR Rebooting with network plugged in

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  • NVR Rebooting with network plugged in

    I have tried two separate NVR units each different manufacturers at a customers site, I plugged first one in and the unit kept rebooting, sent it back via rma, went to ADI and purchased a different manufacturers NVR connected it and shortly after starting setup unit also began rebooting just like the first unit, I disconnected internal POE ports still reboots, opened and disconnected HDD unit still reboots, unplugged network cable and unit does not reboot? tried plugging in a different network cable and the unit still reboots, disconnected the network cable and unit does not shut down? The first unit was also connected to network port and shut down so I can not believe two separate manufacturers NVRs have bad network ports, has anyone experienced this same issues? Thank you for your help.