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what is the most Security friendly live streaming Smartphone to Cloud app?

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  • what is the most Security friendly live streaming Smartphone to Cloud app?

    by "Security friendly" I mean quick and easy to activate for Cloud backed up BodyCam.

    Don't NEED 24/7 always on streaming, but should be able to run 30 minutes, but I'll take what I can get.

    Be NICE if it could send to my home PC via web, but Cloud is OK.

    This is mostly for dumb He Said, She Said encounters, but also to ID anyone who kills you. I believe in Reverse Murphy's Law (RNL) that says if you prepare for something bad happening it wont happen and your prep effort will be wasted and you will look and feel like the guy that guesses wrong, and so far its been coming true.

    So what is the go to app?

    I'm downloading "Twitch" but not sure if its got a good Cloud backup feature.

    PS-I found Twitch from this video of a guy getting 86ed from "Twitch Con"

    I'm not "just goofing off" on internet, I'm watching training videos.

    I suggest all guards watch lots of such videos, to understand what works and what don't, and to gain perspective of "subject" POV.
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    I should have paid better attention when I was at the National Sheriff's Association Annual Conference in Minneapolis a year and a half ago. There were several different vendors that had external vest carriers. The external vest carriers that had a pocket with a hole for the camera lens that would allow a smartphone to be used as a body worn camera. They also had apps designed to work specifically for that very purpose. I may have even grabbed brochures at the time, but I sort of figured that the likelihood of my employer ever getting that was slim to none. (And "Slim" had left town!)

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