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Security camera lag

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  • Security camera lag

    Our security cameras have some serious lag going on like today two people walked by the camera and they images was frozen heads where distorted and people where walking through their images. Does any one know why it does this or how to fix it i think the cameras we use are made by Samsung.

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    Bad connection, possibly. You notified supervisor, yes?


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      Yeah i also mentioned it in my DAR.


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        Could be a bad connection, could be a computer issue if you recently added cameras.


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          I faced the same issue! Could you tell me which company provided you with the system? I need to know so that I can avoid them at all costs.

          I'm trying to find a better provider.


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            In the case I was referring to, it was a DIY job - my security director and the maintenance supervisor both thought they were tech wizards, so they set up a system with stuff from Home Depot and Amazon, grafted onto old wiring from the 1990s. Haven't been at that company for awhile, so I don't know if they ever worked it out.

            I'm no techie, but the issue seems to be making sure everything syncs right, and that the computer (and monitor) can handle the amount of data coming in in real time . There's a lot of good information on the regular Security InfoWatch site; just keep in mind that you get what you pay for - high end systems work great, but they also cost money.


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              Get better servers. It sounds like the servers are being overloaded. It's not the cameras themselves that are the issues, it's the server.