I work for a large college in NC that needs to purchase more outside surveillance cameras. Everyone in our department admits we need the cameras but as far as I can tell no one is studying the issue. Currently we have only two (2) outside fiber optic (I think!) wired cameras. They have zoom and pan / tilt. Plus about 60 wired stationary cameras covering indoor locations. Our campus is 100% wireless capable so the students and staff can use their laptops just about anywhere to hook up to the internet. I have 'heard' second hand that our IS department says it is not possible to link surveillance cameras to our wireless system. I would ask them direct but they do NOT like dealing with our department plus I am very low in the pecking order in our department. I am not much of a tech geek but I do try to read and keep on on things. Can someone explain it to me? If our IS department is full of crap and such a system can be done wireless, what type of money are we talking about?
The college has money (over 1 billion in the endowment fund) but convincing them to spend it on security upgrades is apparently hard.