Hey guys. I bought a used Intellex DVMS ADD6R0DVD025. The auction said it needs "the software". It does power up and I tried to connect it to a monitor and the monitor didn't detect a signal. I'm somewhat decent with electronics so I took the top off to have a look and noticed a few wires not connected and several male plugs on the circuit boards didn't have anything attached. I have no idea if that's an issue. Does anyone know if there is a way I can obtain a schematic of this unit so I can see what may be missing?

Further, I don't really know what "the software" is. Is there a user manual available that has step by step instructions for an amateur to install and learn how to use this DVR? I have several cameras for it and a laptop for any software requirements. This is for residential use it was just a good deal and I needed the monitoring equipment. Sorry for all the questions but I am new to this.

Thanks for any help.