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5 Must Have Gadgets for Home Security

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  • 5 Must Have Gadgets for Home Security

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    Home security systems are sensible additions that can be found in most homes today. It is very important to install various home security gadgets to make your house secure. They not only offer protection, but also peace of mind. This article will cover some must-have gadgets that every home owner should install to maximize their home's security.

    1. Fake or Dummy Security Cameras
    Not only are these cameras much cheaper than the real thing, but they do well at deterring potential burglars once they are installed. Burglars will have a hard time trying to figure out whether they are fake or real. That level of uncertainty will cause thieves to think twice before trying to take a chance. Fake or Dummy Security Cameras are equipped with a small battery that operates a flashing light. This indicates that the camera is armed. They are easy to install as there is no need to wire them into the mains.
    Outdoor Security Camera
    These outdoor security cameras are your eyes as they monitor what takes place on the outside your home. Many 0utdoor security cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities. This allows the homeowner to still be able to gain a clear vision even if it is dark outside. They make it easy to keep tabs on the safety of your home, and are very affordable.

    2. The Wireless Driveway Alert System
    The Wireless Driveway Alert System is a fantastic security gadget for homeowners who want to monitor their driveway. This system is equipped with infrared technology, and is especially suitable for driveways that are longer than the average. It comfortably covers a distance of up to 400 feet. The wireless driveway alert system will allow the homeowners to know when anyone enters their driveway whether in a vehicle or on foot.

    3. Flood Lights or Motion detectors
    Flood Lights or Motion detectors play a dual role as both a lighting and security system. They are used for lighting up dark areas and make it easier to move safely from one area to the next. As far as security goes, the system scares away unscrupulous individuals. They are affordable, available in several sizes and may be solar powered.

    4. Door and window alarms
    Affordable and easy to use, these security systems operate with the use of a sensor that alarms if the designated door or window is opened. The system can be installed at all vulnerable areas within the home. Place them on exterior doors and all windows of the house.

    5. Emergency Alert Dialer

    Landlines have basically taken a backseat to give way to the now prominent cell phone age. With fewer people using or even owning a land line, and no present method for Emergency response teams to locate someone in distress though their cell phones, there is the need for a solution. The Emergency Alert Dialer has been identified as that solution. It is suitable for both security and medical emergencies. The system operates with a panic button that the victim will press when in distress. Once the victim press the panic button, the phone will begin to dial the designated list of contacts then play the recorded message.
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    he forgot the "other" fake camera, the "fake" Beware of Dog sign, along with the

    "I luv Rottweilers" stickers in the window and/or bumper stickers, and big doggie water dish and bone, indicating that area is very much in "dog range". Make a habit of kicking the dog dish as you leave for the day to slosh a little water.

    If you really want to go "all in", maybe a couple of fake dog turds for the intruder to spot just inside the gate.

    I'm also guessing anything indicating lots of infant-jr HS age kids is a turn off to burglars, because it means you got no money and all "kid stuff" is fairly low dollar and no black market for it.

    Plus it means assorted people will be popping in and out throughout the day.


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      Fake Camera Liabilities

      I've heard there are liabilities to using fake cameras in public areas because they cause a false sense of security. Signs must be posted that say video is not being monitored or recorded. Does this apply to in-home fake cameras as well?
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