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Need Advice: Speed Dome PTZ Camera on Belt Conveyor Structure

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  • Need Advice: Speed Dome PTZ Camera on Belt Conveyor Structure

    We have a client who wants to install Speed Dome PTZ Camera (37x Optical Zoom) on Belt Conveyor Structure at Coal Terminal. We have already told the client that Speed Dome Camera is highly sensitive to vibration, and the belt conveyor operates almost 24 hours, but they keep insisting.
    Is there any solution besides Speed Dome's built-in digital image stabilizer that would minimize the impact of the belt conveyor's vibration?
    Any mechanical stabilizer maybe?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Are you able to construct any sort of custom support for it? Are you familiar with how the steadycam harnesses work? Some have gyros, but some just have counterbalances. If you could get the camera to rest inside of a small structure that could move around the camera without the camera moving, that seems ideal - something like the MANFROTTO FIG RIG SYSTEM CAMERA STABILIZERs, maybe?.
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