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Objectvideo sues former business partner Pelco

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  • Objectvideo sues former business partner Pelco

    From IPVM's website,

    The Complaint

    The complaint mirrors OV's first lawsuit with an important new element. The core argument remains the same. ObjectVideo accuses Pelco of violating four of its patents. However, we notice one ominous element missing from the complaint in the first lawsuit. Specifically, the role and liability of end users is cited:

    "Pelco indirectly infringes at least [certain claims of OV's patents] by instructing its end user customers to connect the accused Pelco camera products to a personal computer ... As directed by Pelco, the end users of the accused Pelco camera products directly infringe on [OV's patent] by using the combined system, making Pelco a contributory infringer and an inducer of infringement." [emphasis added]

    It will be interesting to see how this approach plays out and why ObjectVideo is emphasizing the role and infringement of the end user.

    According to: this website, 6696945 and 6970083 are the only patents named in the suit. ,
    • 6,696,945: “Video tripwire” by Venetianer et. al. and assigned to DiamondBack Vision, Inc.. Prosecuted by Venable LLP Gluck; Jeffrey W.. Includes 37 claims (2 indep.). Was application 09/972,039. Filed 10/9/2001 & Granted 2/24/2004.
    • 6,970,083: “Video tripwire” by Venetianer et. al. and assigned to Objectvideo, Inc.. Prosecuted by Venable LLP Sartori; Michael A. Gluck; Jeffrey W.. Includes 29 claims (6 indep.). Was application 10/704,645. Filed 11/12/2003 & Granted 11/29/2005.

    Here is a 2009 excerpt from one of the "happy times" news releases.

    Pelco Sarix™-Based Cameras Incorporate ObjectVideo Analytics

    Clovis, CA (August 13, 2009) – Pelco is pleased to announce its integration with ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video. In the ongoing commitment to open architecture solutions, Pelco has embedded the ObectVideo OnBoard suite of analytics software into its Sarix™-based megapixel series camera.

    "The type of flexibility that ObjectVideo’s software provides is a perfect example of our commitment to openness and interoperability," says Dave deLisser, Pelco Director of Integration. "By using the open architecture capabilities of Sarix to host the industry leading analytics from ObjectVideo we are able to provide intelligent megapixel camera solutions."

    According to Pelco management, this enables third-party systems that are also part of the OV Ready Partner Network to set rules, receive alerts, and configure communications with ObjectVideo-enabled Sarix™-based
    technology cameras. OV Ready is ObjectVideo’s network protocol for interoperability of intelligent devices and video management platforms.
    IPVM says it is not just Objectvideo's continuation of suing competitors to obtain licensing monies but bad blood between the two companies when their combined technologies didn't work. Wehn customers complained, both companies pointed fingers at the other. In my opinion, the customers are the big loser in all these cases because I have delt with Objectvideo and they do not perform up to what they claim and in all instances, pointed fingers at everyone but themselves.
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    Thanks for sharing. That's interesting.
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