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Video tutorial of the standalone NVR system

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  • Video tutorial of the standalone NVR system

    Practical video tutorial (8 min) of the european Linux-based NVR IPCorder for up to 16 multi-brand network IP cameras is available in the following NVR Showroom. The presentation shows the NVR together with Axis, Sony, Vivotek, IQinVision or ACTi network cameras.

    The recording capacity of the 16ch unit is 6TB (2 x 3TB HDD 3.5" SATA), no need to install any additional software - easy access via any web browser with Java installed (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE or Apple Safari), very intuitive to manage and work with.

    The recommended maximum incomming traffic is 4 Mbps per channel:
    1) 8 channel KNR-200: 32 Mbps
    2) 12 channel KNR-202: 48 Mbps
    3) 16 channel KNR-206: 64 Mbps

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    Spanish version

    The tutorial in spanish with additional chapters:


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      Does it come in French for those of us in Qu├ębec?
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        French version is currently in the process and I hope to have it available in the near future.


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          Although this video is presented in the guise of a "tutorial", I think this more appropriately belongs in the Vendor section, John.
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