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  • nuno

    I have a sixteen camera system in my house and was wondering what if the
    thieves took the computer then i would have nonthing is there a external hard drive that i can get and hide it in the house better yet are there remote ones that i can get if so do they cycle so it will never get full .
    I live in the country and have no comcast or any high speed internet. I have
    heard of hughes that uses a dish also is there a domain that the video can go to so i can review video from the cameras from another computer i know i will need high speed to do this i think hughes is my only option
    for this set up . Your time is much appreciated thanks
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    The bandwidth required for this kind of thing would be a challenge for FiOS, let alone Hughesnet. I would not recommend this approach at all.

    Buy a DVR lockbox, which is a steel box with a lock and a fan. Screw the box into a wall or heavy piece of furniture.

    Talk to these guys:
    The CCTV Blog.

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      thanks for the info this helps alot you are all good people thanks again


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        Cameraman is a good person. I do not know about the rest of us
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