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  • terraneo/bticino

    new to a intruder eng mainly but have come across a terraneo door entry keypad and need user/code change model numbers.basic power in and relay out model.front plate silver and bottom hinged.0 to 9 keys with star and key.any help please.tried internet no joy.thank you in some excellent info given by forum members on other topics.

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    I'm not sure what exactly it is you're trying to do here, but from your post, you are making it sound like you're an intruder (because you specifically stated so in your post), and that you need instructions on how to gain illegal/unauthorized entry into an otherwise locked door.

    I'm pretty sure you came to the wrong forum.


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      He's in the right forum... he's an engineer who works on intrusion systems (aka intruder detection systems). Here's hoping someone knows something about that system -- I'm unfamiliar with it.


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        Pretty much. An intruder wouldn't need to change access codes, just remove the housing and run a bypass releasing the door mag lock or catch.
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          thought intruder eng was self explanitary but obviously not.well thanks anyway seems like some of you are here just to mock.thanks for the 2 who put things right.


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            So he does Red Team types of ops? Where someone pays him to break into their building or find the flaws in their security system? Pretty neat.
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     out of here.only wanted some should try one of the intruder ENGINEER forums.they give answers and no jargon filled clap trap replies.thanks for trying to the seem to have your hands full.


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                Wow. That didn't last long. Guess he's all business and no fun. Wouldn't hurt to use the shift and space keys every now and then.

                He might have tried here:

                or if he's elsewhere in the world here with links to various country sites worldwide:

                I think it took me about 2 minutes. We do help around here. You just have to wait for the right person to come along, that being the one who has information to help you.
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