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Lenel Go-entry with HID cards/readers

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  • Lenel Go-entry with HID cards/readers

    Anyone have any experience with this system?,00.html

    We just got it installed at my work after our CCure system crashed and burned. We use the HID ProxCard II with the HID contactless readers.

    Any thoughts? Anything I should be on the look out for?
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    Interesting, a lot of nice simple features, and they only have a 500 card capacity. I can only imagine the ungodly price for this, since it's Lenel. Not sure how I feel about the security of a browser based unit. But otherwise, it shouldn't be any different than any other access control system.
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      We will never reach the 500 card capacity. Maybe not even 50.

      My company had it installed on 3 doors that the CCure system was controlling. I think it cost about $4K-5K to install. It took them nearly 2-2.5 weeks due to complications and parts needing ordered to make it all work.
      "I am not a hero. I am a silent guardian, a watchful protector"


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        The huge advantage of using a web browser system like Go Entry or Brivo is you don't have to have a dedicated server for your access system. Lenel's full program OnGuard is a hog it's about a 700 mb program and it need's to be on a dedicated PC it really doesn't like to play well with other programs either. That's not counting installations on client PC's as well and the licensing costs. The downside though is that everything is stored at the controller so what happens if the database gets corrupted or worse breaks down. Hopefully it is like Brivo and allows you to do a backup of the database that you can store somewhere safe. I haven't got a chance to work with the Go Entry product yet but I work on Lenel's OnGuard platform on a daily basis.