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    I'll try to make this as short as possible. A lot of this problem has to do with user error (not me). I worked at an institution that uses Winpak 2.0 and Northern panels to control access to 24 doors. When I was employed there I kept the system backed up. After I left for another job that actually paid me for my technical knowledge they quit backing up the software. The computer ended up crashing and now they are trying to get everything back up and running by using an image of the old hard drive. They say the old hard drive is toast (knowing the IT dept. the way I do I really doubt the hard drive is toast). They called me and told me the computer was working except for the Winpak software. I have been working for an access control installation company for awhile now. We do not install or use Winpak and the couple of programs and hardware we use (AMAG being the best) will not image from one drive to another for security reasons.
    My main question is will Winpak image from one drive to the next. I believe this is the reason they are not able to get the system up and running.
    Another question is, does Winpak have the ablility like AMAG to install software on a new PC and download card and configuration data from the panels.
    Right now these guys are in a bad situation. They have an access system that is totally working off of the memory on the panels. The way I understand it, one little power glitch and that will be gone.