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Microsoft Security patch on Ccure800 Card Access System

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  • Microsoft Security patch on Ccure800 Card Access System


    Microsoft has issued a critical patch for a zero-day security flaw that impacts all recent versions of Internet Explorer from IE 5 to the latest IE 8 beta.

    Is it safe to do the update on the security patch by Microsoft for Ccure.

    1. Badging station is Window XP Professional with Service Pack 2

    2. The main Ccure server is Window Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 1

    Pls advise and comment.
    Thank You

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    I see that you don't appear to have gotten any answers to your question. This is a little bit out of my area of expertise as well, but you might do well to ask in the CCURE users group forums. There are a good number of very knowlegeable people there and if none of the other end users can answer your question it will usually be answered by one of the Software House engineers fairly shortly.
    Drew Neckar
    Hospital Security Supervisor

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