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    I need to order some 10mil CR79 cards and I cannot find my notes regarding what northern calls them(SKU #). Because photo ID printers are so sensitive, and because ID cards and ribbons are so expensive I do not want to risk ordering the wrong kind. Northern and Honeywell will not deal with customers directly, and my dealer has not been much help. I was wondering if anyone here knows how to check what size/style card a Rio/Tango printer is set for using MagiCard software. Or If there is an online resource, listing card styles, that I have missed. Thanks.
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    some card suggestions

    Should be through your security products dealer. If they aren't helping you (by checking for your last order so they can figure out what you previously were using), then I would highly suggest you consider finding a new dealer/reseller. There is no shortage of folks who could sell such cards to you, especially in this economic slow-down.

    Also, it sounds like you have a Magicard printer. The company is known as Magicard or Ultra Electronics. They have a technical support portion of their website: In that section, there are PDF documents called the User Reference Manual that list info on your printer. If you have the standard Rio/Tango model printer, for example, it says that the thickness range is from .38 to 1.6 mm, with a standard card thickness being .76mm.

    FWIW, Rio/Tango is also the name of the ribbons that will fit either Magicard Rio or Magicard Tango printers. I think it also works for the Avalon printers. Don't take my word for any of this; check with a knowledgeable reseller or the manufacturer directly.

    I'm no expert on card thicknesses and all the models of prox (not proxy; that's for ballots) cards, but I'm sure your dealer or the printer company directly can get you in the right direction and/or find a good reseller who will work with you. Don't forget that you are the customer.

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      Thank you for the input. I have been trying to avoid going through my dealer. The last two times I have ordered Id blanks through them they sent the wrong thickness resulting in a broken $90 ribbon, and $200 worth of un-useable cards. That is why I was trying to find the information for myself. Fortunately, I found an old correspondence between my predecessor and the former facilities manager listing the types of cards needed. But I do not know if my office will ever be the same.
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        You can order your cards straight through ADI. They have a systems group that is pretty good. What model of Ultramagicard printer to you have? You need to print on one side of your prox card or both? A card that will work with your system would be PVC-H-4-26. This is a 26 bit card that will work with Winpak by default and the magic card printer. These do have the hot stamp on the back.