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  • Making life easier-new "stuff"

    One day last week we had a couple of visitors to our site. The two gents hand me business card
    saying the were from the "corporate security department" (of our client office in Atlanta). Right away I start thinking that we (contract security) might be in some "hotwater" for something that might have happened. The next day the Human Resources person along with the Facilities Mgr. and the two visiting from corporate are seen surveying the property. I'm thinking this is either good news for us or bad. My supervisor then attends a meeting and lets me know they are going to see if they can get the funds to revamp our post operations. Yes it does sound like good news?

    Here some of the different systems we might be getting:

    a) a computer for our "guard shack" (will find out the about the programs/software we might use later)

    b) a CCTV system was mentioned for the outside areas (not sure of how many cameras or locations or manufacturer yet)

    c) remotely controlled gates for the existing front gate. I also think that they may be creating another
    "entrance/exit" gated opening in the fence that will lead only to my client parking area of the property.
    The only problem there would be that the incoming traffic would affect the outgoing traffic because of a
    cross-over situation(incoming would have to turn left in front of outgoing). I'm thinking a "swipe card reader" device that would log client employees only (and have a readout of that activity on our new computer) as well as allow them to enter/exit. The existing gates location (with the new remote control gates could be the "entrance/exit" for all non-client people (truckers,sales,visitors and employees of the second company).

    d) they are also telling us also that we will be patrolling inside our client's building certain times in our shift (I assume the gates would work in an "automatic" mode).

    At this point I'm just trying to get to some reading material (on-line) to see how the new can possibly be integrated with the old. Maybe our "camera" or "integrator guys can provide their most popular manufacturer(s)

    Thanks in advance.