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    I want to inform the members of this forum a different channel that is available to repair, maintain or upgrade any version of Intellex Digital Video Recorders.

    Our company has been in the business for over 18 years and since the inception of the Intellex platform from American Dynamics, we were and still are able to provide above services similar to what the manufacturer provides except with the following twists as follows:

    1. Complete Intellex repairs service by retaining its existing storage capacity with the following parameters:

    # Intellex System Must Be In Repairable Condition
    # Both Desktop or Rack Mountable Chassis Based Systems
    # Replace & Install All New High Rated Power Supply
    # Replace & Install All New ATA Cables
    # Replace & Install All New Hard Drives & Keep Original Capacity
    # Clean Inside & Outside Of The Intellex Case
    # Test & Burn Intellex At Least 72 Continuous Hours
    # 12 Months Mail-In Warranty On Parts and Labor
    # Internal Storage Upgrades Available Up To 4,000GB (4.0TB)
    # Product Lifetime Technical Support

    Here is the url for this service:

    2. Upgrade internal storage capacity of any Intellex DVMS Recorder to substantially higher than original equipment specifications... Any newer Intellex DVMS system comes with maximum of 750GB internal storage and if you want more storage, then the only choice available is to purchase External Storage Modules (ESM). However...

    Any DVMS series Desktop version Intellex system is capable to contain up to 2.25TB (2,250GB) internal storage.. and the Rack Mountable DVMS series of Intellex can take maximum of 4.0TB (4,000GB) internal storage.

    Pricing for these type of modifications are fairly priced and it carries either 3 years warranty on newer systems or 1 year warranty on older systems.

    3. Completely reconditioned Intellex DVMS series of Intellex systems with 1.0TB internal storage, DVD burner, with full 3 years warranty and here is a url for your consideration:

    If there is any interest, please let me know via PM or please contact our company.

    Thank you!