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  • Selling fiber transmitter/receiver

    It is our pleasure to post the export information here.
    I am Joseph Lee,sales of a leading manufacturer in China, named vadsys digital system technologies Co.,ltd. Speciallizing in FIBER OPTIC PRODUCTS.

    After i went through many threads post there and compared those products,
    i found our products are very cost-effective in America or central america.We are good reputed in chinese security surveillance filed, and also in our foreign clients.

    For cctv application, fiber transmitter/rx extend the distance between cams and dvr/control center, most projects in your area, people prefer multi-mode fiber, that can be extended amlost 2KM.If in single-mode fiber application, it will be 20km at least.Signals can be hardly interferered, or weaked.
    Cams are not as reliable as fiber tx/rx, so we provide video input signal auto gain control, if signal output from cams within 0.5Vpp(volt peak to peak) to 2Vpp, it will be adjusted into standard 1Vpp by our fiber transmitter.
    Lightning damage is terrible and ineluctable, but there are lightningproof chips on video and data port to avoid damaged by lightning.Usually after a terrible lightning, the enduser only need to replace the damaged power adapter with a new adapter.That is it.

    We are pleased to receive your enquiry.
    Wish to do business with you.

    Tks & regards,

    J L
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    U shall feel good with VADSYS in Sec_rity S_rveillance!
    mail: [email protected]
    msn: [email protected]