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  • Aleir

    Has anybody heard of ALEIR and ALEIR CAD from APS?

    We're thinking of selling support services, report customization (I knew buying Crystal Reports would be good for SOMETHING...) and secure (stunnel-based) MySQL database hosting services.

    Thing is, I have no idea if anybody actually wants or uses this software, so I figured I'd be inclined to ask. The firm wants 300 a year to customize reports, etc, and I know we can do it for cheaper.

    Its not a perfect solution, especially since there's no "push" capability to MDCs, but for the security or police department that needs something free/cheap, it looks like it'll do the job.

    There's also TICKETS, which is open source, but we found that to be slightly annoying and very SAR-centric. It supports, for example, MDC location... But the location method is APRS. Not everyone is running around with an APRS transciever.
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