1 Day Tactical Rappelling Course.
Maluco Tactical Training

April 26.2008. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Course description

This course will introduce you the latest tactical and rescue
Rappelling equipment and techniques currently being used throughout
Europe and North America. The course will address standards that apply
To the
Teams. The strengths, limitations and proper care of equipment will be

The course will cover simple, practical applications of ropes, rappel
Devices, ascenders, belay devices and other equipment in
Technical/tactical situations.

Lessons on the team structure, communication and tactical/rescue site
Considerations will help to develop skilled tactical/rescue teams. The
Student will be introduced in basic techniques for lowering systems,
Repelling, belaying and anchoring.

Pricing of 135.00 $ includes T shirt and certification.

If you pay before February 15.2008. The price will be lowered to 105.00 $


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