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IntelleView Transactions Monitoring System

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  • IntelleView Transactions Monitoring System

    If anyone is interested having POS transactions monitoring system with Intellex platform, we have the IntelleView solution from American Dynamics. The company provided us with worldwide license of this latest technology software to serve all the existing as well as newer customers.

    Here are some of the description of this product:

    Detect fraud, waste or abuse on the spot with IntelleView Standard and IntelleView Extreme operating with American Dynamics Intellex platforms.
    These transaction monitoring solutions track it all, integrating data mining, real time point-of-sale surveillance and its accompanying video. Now you can watch video displayed side by side with the dollars and cents of each transaction as it occurs — at the Retail Stores cash registers, the Grocery Stores POS Terminals, the Gas Stations cash registers, at the Casino POS registers, the Money Rooms, the ATMs and Bank Teller Windows or anywhere else money changes hands. Use them as either deterrents or covert investigative tools to thwart criminal behavior or to enforce compliance with your organization’s procedures and policies. As people rely increasingly on automation to conduct their business, preventing loss grows more dependent on keeping up with the technology to monitor and data mine for every transaction. IntelleView Standard and IntelleView Extreme set the standard.

    Here are some of the basic Features:

    • Integrates IntelleView transaction monitoring and Intellex® DVMS into one box OR for your large Client/Server environments
    • Monitors Point-of-Sale and other data-oriented systems
    • Processes, analyzes, and saves transaction data with associated digital video
    • Offers 3 surveillance methods:
    1. Record exception transactions only
    2. Record all transactions
    3. Record continuously, including between-transaction activity
    • Uses single-point interface to data network
    • Archives suspicious transactions with video to integrated Case Management module
    • Displays an intuitive, easy to use GUI
    • Features extensive datamining capabilities
    • Reports exception activity in real-time
    • Sends real-time e-mail alerts of exception activity
    • Provides off-site management and operation via Remote Client (over corporate network)
    • Color-codes exceptions by category for easy identification
    • Presents exception statistics in colorful graphics
    • Copies video/data clips to CD-RW or DVD-RW
    • Full (3) three years warranty on both Hardware & Software

    For additional information, please visit the url below for pdf formatted specifications.

    Any interest, please let me know.

    Thank you!