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  • SPE Police tactical - New Video Series

    From SPETactical's Website (,
    ?From the Grab to the Ground: A Complete Police Combatives Lesson Series for the Smaller Officer.?

    This video series is the first of its kind anywhere. This is a complete police combatives video series designed specifically for smaller officers. This does not mean that the techniques cannot be utilized by larger officers; rather, it means that the techniques are not solely dependant on the officer having equal or greater strength than the suspect.

    This series is far more advanced than the simple DT training that most officers receive in the academy. It was designed to be a stand alone system that will provide an officer with a complete police combatives strategy for virtually any situation. The series addresses the following: the physics behind executing successful tactics; situational variables; sweeps; takedowns, arm bars; ground fighting; escapes; handcuffing; weapon retention; disarming and understanding force continuums.

    This is not a martial arts or civilian defensive tactics course. Those types of courses are available everywhere but they do not come close to addressing the unique needs of law enforcement officers. Standard martial arts and self defense courses are geared toward defense (by any means necessary) and then escape. The fact is that in 95% of the cases, the law enforcement officer is the aggressor. They are struggling to control a combative suspect while still protecting themselves from attack. The officer is bound by a strict force continuum that would prohibit the application of many of the techniques taught in martial arts classes. Can you image in the public?s reaction if a police officer used his keys to gouge the eyes of a suspect resisting arrest?

    Words from the Instructor

    My name is Paul Kurtzweil and I am currently a patrol lieutenant with the Polk County Sheriff?s Office in Florida. My jurisdiction extends over 2000 square miles and consists of both densely populated and rural areas. This large area means that backup may be limited or delayed depending on your location in the county and the volume of calls that day (the agency handles over 200,000 calls for service a year). At only 5?10 and 170 lbs, I learned early on that the need for police combatives training was high.

    This course is the culmination of my experience and training over my 15+ year career. I have trained in various combat styles and I am a police defensive tactics instructor. This video series is my response to a mountain of e-mails from officers across North America who want police combatives training beyond the academy. Many of them report being frustrated by civilian martial arts and self defense classes because they do not meet their needs.

    If you are a law enforcement officer then your chances of having to control a physically resisting subject are 100%. Why not train for the inevitable?

    "Don't just survive, dominate."
    My own words:
    I am a "supporting member" of SPE Tactical, which means I paid my 20 dollars per year and have access to this video series, as well as helping to defray Paul's costs.

    I don't get anything out of posting this. Several of us, already, are of the free membership (In other words, we signed up on the forum, and have access to the video portion...) on the site.

    While the focus of the site is defensive tactics, for those of you who can verify as law enforcement officers (That means your a sworn law enforcement officer of some agency that has police powers, ie: SPOs), there is additional material on everything from illegal immigration to understanding Section 1983 litigation. You know, the civil rights statute that will take everything the criminal conviction left.

    This is somewhat an advertisement for the video series. You can either pay the 20 dollars and watch it as it is made (.wmv files) - and discuss it with the instructors and other users; nay; even influence it, or you can just join for free and see the regular videos, and the DT instruction.

    It used to be that Paul sold a DVD called "SPE Ground Combatives." I neglected to buy that, because I knew the video series was coming out. But, mainly, I bought "it" because I believe in what Paul is doing, for both LEOs and SOs.
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    This training may be especially beneficial for female police officers who will eventually need to subdue and arrest large male offenders.
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      Or short 5'5" Security Guards (much like myself) who get confronted by a 6' 220 lb. truck driver....