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    store based here in utah offers gear relatively cheap.. worth checking out
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    Originally posted by UtahProtectionForce

    store based here in utah offers gear relatively cheap.. worth checking out
    The price on that TL3 is impressive. I paid twice as much!
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      I live a block and a half from the warehouse. Lucky me. Wish they had a members club for frequent buyers.......


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        Good prices. Thanks for the link.

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          Farm Police Supply

          I have had problems with them in the past. I ordered a fairly large order, and they shorted me a pair of peerless hinged cuffs. When I called them, they said that they were in the box. I told them they were wrong and they said they would send them.

          When they did ship them out to me, they sent the wrong finish (black, when I ordered nickel). They were obviously very old stock, as they had corrosion on the rivets. They were also with-in the recall serial number range and had to be shipped to Peerless for warranty repair as soon as they arrived.

          A second set of cuffs I ordered (chain, nickel) also needed to be sent to Peerless immediately for the recall.

          Not real impressed with the customer service or the order errors.

          I would definitely recommend Quartermaster for equipment and uniforms, they are very professional.