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  • Are you still waiting for quotation for your project?

    What is the most valuable thing? It is time.
    How can we save time? Using new technology.
    For example, if you have a security contract, you will search for security equipment needed, and ask for quotation. So, you need to spend much time to clarify your requirement, and at last the product may not meet your requirement.
    So, in fact, In fact, many bids are written according to the specifications of a particular model of a particular manufacturer. And you have to buy that models with expensive price.
    Vedardsecurity makes the products into catalog according to the Security solution. You can shop the complete security system to finish your security project fast.
    For example, you have a fire security project, and you can choose addressable fire alarm, conventional fire alarm or wireless fire alarm systems. What is the cost of it? What component you may need?
    Visit LPCB addressable fire alarm, you find the catalog and complete items.
    Visit conventional fire alarm to get all items of the alarm system.
    Visit wireless fire alarm and you find all items including alarm panel, smoke detector, heat detector, gas sensor, input output module, siren strobe.
    If the equipment meet your requirement, you can directly shop online with DHL, Fedex, UPS air express shipping. In 3-5 days, you will get the materials to finish your project.
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