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    People need to increase their security awareness to cope with the increasing crime. A place with a large number of people is where crime often occurs. Installing an emergency alarm system will do the most to prevent crime and save many people.

    One-click emergency alarm system is suitable for the safety protection of hospitals, schools, dormitories and communities. The integrated alarm service panel is connected with police center and broadcasting in campus or hospital, community. So, one-click alarm will trigger the broadcasting and police center for notify. CCTV camera will record the evidence and track the crime.

    Campus one-click emergency alarm system Mei 'an Technology based on cloud computing, Internet of Things technology, mobile Internet technology as one of the special suitable for campus personnel.

    An emergency video alarm networking platform.This platform integrates video alarm, voice alarm, networked alarm, alarm positioning, network alarm and telephone line alarm into one, with timeliness and convenience of alarm.

    Concealment, automatic pop-up alarm positioning and other functions, greatly solve the problems of the existing alarm system defects, real-time to meet the needs of the school staff alarm.One - key alarm equipment is mainly installed in the campus doormen, playgrounds, dormitories, restaurants, teaching buildings, bathrooms, lecture halls, libraries and other places should be equipped with appropriate equipment according to different occasions. During emergencies, mass incidents, terrorist incidents, Call the police for help.

    We should work together to create a stable and united society. We hope that the incidence of crime will decrease and no one will get hurt.
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