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    There are two new links in my signature at the end of every post. The first is for who I work for, Cityscape Solutions, which I'm required contractually to note is "a NAPSOA company." The second is for a fraternal organization called FOPSO, which is the rightful successor to and yet different from NAPSOA (the association, not the company, which is one of the reasons FOPSO was created!)

    This is in the vendor section because Cityscape Solutions sells things. Specifically of note: We sell managed web hosting and web design/development services. Especially to the security industry. Our client list is small but growing. Cityscape Solutions, when it was young in 2005, created quite a few sites for NAPSOA, till NAPSOA bought us for an in-house IT and technical security division. Since then, we've worked with several companies for their IT needs.

    In a nut shell, we build websites and help you create things like communities and intranets. We've helped companies deploy e-learning solutions (using Moodle), as well as created websites and security forums.

    We are currently working with one client to create a social networking solution, a sort of "MySpace for Security Professionals." It will, of course, be up to our client on when that goes live and if its announced here or not.

    We are Linux-Based in our application development and web hosting services. We also make a promise to our web customers: We don't oversell our servers. That's a big problem these days, you buy a cheap account and they promise you X amount of space... You use it, and you're suddenly suspended for "abusing the system." The Terms of Service say, "Oh, we decide what that abuse is." If you buy 2 GB of space from us, you get to use 2 GB of space, period.


    The second organizational link is to FOPSO, or the Fraternal Order of Protective Service Officers. The only requirement to join this organization is that you are an officer or employee of a private entity which provides security or protection services. Basically, it doesn't matter if you're sworn or not, so long as you provide security or protection (including through enforcement of law) and work for a private company or organization. Lodges are currently being setup in Florida, and are geographical in nature. If enough people want a lodge, they may "buy in" to the group by applying for a State Lodge chartership, just like the FOP.

    FOPSO inherited the NAPSOA Community Forums, and those are still available at It also inherited the domain, and that will redirect to FOPSO's domain once FOPSO has its domain setup.

    Its in its infancy, this organization, but I do have hope for it, and so do others on this forum who are part of the organization. We plankowners will do what it takes to make it succeed.

    Oh, and the first thing I told every plank owner: FOPSO doesn't want your money. Not yet. When lodges are created, the lodge shall raise dues to help support itself. But what the hell am I gonna do with money now?

    So, stop in to the FOPSO forums, make a post, introduce yourself. Read the FOPSO news on the front page of the site (, and you'll see where we are, and where we're going.

    I've been hesitant to link to these two organizations, but I figure its time.
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