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  • Major Case Management - Not Just for Police!

    Too often corporate security professionals forget about the advantages of electronic case management. I am not taking about loss prevention reporting, but how to apply advance corporate security analysis and task management. I recently retired after 25 years with the RCMP and spend a good portion of my service investigating serious crimes and applying sophisticated electronic case management and analysis software. My last post placed in in command of over 200 staff. If you want to look at some alternatives to the “manual” process visit Tools to become familiar with include i2, SecureDoc, e-Solve, SmartDiscovery, TrackBase etc.

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    Are you aware of any of these analytical products that are priced so that smaller organizations can afford them? I'd looked at several about a year ago and the prices were simply astronomical, to say nothing of the system requirements, etc..

    (By "afford", I do NOT mean "will achieve a positive ROI someday". I'm just talking about affordability with respect to the purchase, training, hardware and other technical resources needed to support the product.)

    I don't know why it is, incidentally, but I've often observed that when prices of commercial software products/services aren't published, but there's a white paper on the website that "proves" - often by making some very questionable assumptions - that there really is a positive ROI that will be obtained from their products, you can bet the farm that you're looking at some very pricey products.
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      I don't know about "affordable," but any time anyone says "enterprise" software, you're looking at a 5k-10k investment with "a very substantial ROI after 1-5 years!"

      Half the problem is that the companies know they can charge this, and large firms will purchase it. Currently, the idea on dealing with SMBs is to dumb down the same enterprise software, then sell it at half price, etc.

      The other problem is that everyone knows that they can afford to charge this stuff, and people will buy. So, they can afford to hire the army of coders it takes to make this stuff, and pay them fair market value. ($20-$30 an hour for normal kids, $60-80 an hour for ZOMG TEH L33T PROGRAMMAR!)
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