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  • Retail Security Solution

    Hi, there.
    I have an excellent solution to prevent retail loss from employee theft.
    the concept is like this, by filter all the command going from the POS system to the POS printer, i can post the text file onto the video clip. retail owner can search by any preset keyword or monitor from remote to see what is going on at each counter. brilliant idea, right??

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    Most DVRs do this already. The POS interface typically captures the text on its way to the printer.

    Don't know exactly how you are improving it.


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      Hmm. How does the DVR capture the POS information for display? Is it DIN-15(VGA) or serial over RS-232? I'm wondering what other information could be given to a DVR.
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        Originally posted by samuelchiang
        Hi, there.
        I have an excellent solution to prevent retail loss from employee theft.
        Me to. Don't hire any employees.
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          Pos Dvr

          hi, there.. i think you are right that most of the existing DVRs supports this function.
          two problems to keep in mind:
          1. how is the compatibility with printers?
          2. can retail owners do keyword search to find out what's going on??


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            Typically, DVR's use serial RS-232. It is compatible with most cash registers because it is able to pull askey text from the active log prior to it hitting the printer. As there are a million registers, there are POS interfaces to match most outputs.

            Yes you can do a keyword search. Depending on the DVR, you can even input certain trigger words such as "cash" and it will trigger whatever response you want such as email of the screenshot.

            Since it is a simple askey collector, you can send other data besides a cash register to the text input on a DVR.

            Hope that helps.

            PS-Ademco, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, iDVR, and a mirade of others make POS/retail capable units.