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    If your any type of first responder, BUY THIS BOOK! In fact I recommend everyone buy this book and read it.

    The new 4th edition Pocket Partner is an essential reference for all law enforcement and government agencies, including military, security, fire and EMS groups. This book is designed to help personnel during almost any encounter - hazmat, chemicals, arrests, explosives, weapons, ballistics, first aid, communications, phone numbers, investigations, or interrogation. Emergency preparedness and response directives when confronting terrorism, emergency incidents and homeland security are also addressed.

    Pocket Partner was first published in 1998 and has grown in both size and popularity with every new edition. So much information packed into book that is 4”x 6”, 1056 pages (384 pages of new material) which still fits comfortably in your hands and can be easily stored in a glove box or briefcase. By popular request, the typeface size was increased to improve readability for police officers, particularly in low light conditions.

    Pocket Partner contains the following sixteen chapters: Communications, Crimes Against Children, Explosives, First Aid, General Information, Incident Management Systems, Investigation and Interrogation, Natural Disasters and Weather, Safety and Health of Officers, Substance Abuse, Terrorism and Countermeasures, Transportation, Weapons and Ballistics, HazMat, Phone Directory, Calendars and Time, and a detailed index. The General Information section contains Math, Temperature Equivalents, Military Rank, Weights & Measures, North American Area Codes, and the Social Security Numbering System. Within the 16 primary chapters, there are 47 new sections and 53 updated or expanded sections. New sections include the following: AMBER Alert Plan, Acronyms for Law Enforcement & Government, Incident Management Systems (major revision), Male & Female Blood Alcohol Percentages, Digital Photography, Emergency Planning & Preparedness, Emergency Supplies & Checklist, Drug Scheduling, Substance Abuse by State, RADAR Network, major update of Terrorism & Countermeasures, State Gun Laws, major update of the Hazmat and Phone Directory chapters, Calendars & Holidays, Semaphore Alphabet, Braille Alphabet, “Ten” Radio Codes, and Ham Radio Emergency Frequencies for the USA and Canada. For example, the Communications chapter includes a Spanish phrase book; law enforcement and military phonetic alphabet; police telecommunications; SWAT hand signals; the American sign-language alphabet and even Morse code.

    Price: $10.00 (depending where you buy it)

    Check your local police supply store.

    Or you can check @

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

    ~~George Orwell.

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    My boss picked up a couple of these 2 years ago, very good resource.

    For us Canadian users, print out a copy of your arrest procedure and paste it in the book.
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      The problem with books is that they are often out-of-date as soon as they hit the shelf. A good example is the PDR. Even annual revisions are hard-pressed to keep up with the changes.

      I prefer an Internet resource that is continually updated and available on a palm-pilot, etc.
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        I wouldn't say there out dated 'as soon as they hit the shelf', the info in it is current & still important and useful. New editions just have more information and/or updated info. The internet source is great but just having a copy of this book on you while your out in the field where you can access it "on the spot" can be an asset.

        We issue a copy to every person employed with us and require them to have it while on duty.
        "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

        ~~George Orwell.


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          Unless you're going to issue a Palm PDA to every employee, the paper solution is better, I agree. Personally, I have a Treo 650. Its loaded with everything from AIM for Palm to Google Maps (I cannot get lost in the US now...) to Documents to Go (MS Office for Palm) to BLS Protocols for First Responders. The 2 GB SD card I bought for 20 bucks is wonderful.

          Even though I have this little toy, I would still carry 2 Write in the Rain notepads, a Pocket Partner or Police Field Guide, and if I had to do First Responder duties, a BLS/FR Pocket Guide.
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            Another good one to have..

            I like that version. It does have alot of useful info! Just on a side note that runs about the same, alot of statutes are hard to find, and can be a challenge to articulate.. I was sent one of these, and bought a whole truck load..

            You can get one specificall for your state, and its $9.
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