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Wanted: Open Source Reporting Software

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  • Wanted: Open Source Reporting Software

    Ok, IT vendors who specialize in guard reporting, dispatching, and law enforcement software. This is what I want, and I want to know why we don't have it yet.

    Open Source works through the sales of service, or in some cases, product. While the source code is open and transparent, the profitability factor usually comes from support, service, and training vectors.

    In short, while I can download your open source product and run it, I don't get the same level of support you give if I buy your product, or I don't get the features you give (withholding add-ons, etc), or I don't get the specific training materials that goes along with the software.

    So, why hasn't anyone made open source software for the security industry yet? My company does open source IT consulting (This is what pays the bills and puts money towards the security company). While we write code at times, we usually point people towards vendors, provide support, etc.

    If you have products that are open source in nature, or are closed source but run on open source platforms, please, contact me. Its fustrating to have to rely on closed source products, where your paying outrageous licensing fees and enhanced TCO with bugs and who knows what lurking in the closed source code, in an industry where transparancy means less liability.
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