Hello Friends,

We invite you to join us for a Webinar on Emergency Communications and Mass Notification Systems. This webinar is free and very informative for those in the security industry.

There will be two featured speakers:
Ray Grill, Principal, Arup (previously Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc)
Rodger Reiswig, Director, Tyco Fire Protection Products

Recent events involving public shootings and disasters have sparked increased concern about how to prepare for critical events using Mass Notification systems. There are specific principles you should consider when thinking of Mass Notification solutions and NFPA 72.

In this webinar you will:

Learn to simplify Mass Notification system design while providing robust preparation

Understand the intent and scope of NFPA 72, Chapter 24 – Emergency Communications Systems

Gain new insights on NFPA 72, Chapter 24

Registration is free!

Please follow the link to Register : http://xtalks.com/Mass-Notification-Simplified.ashx