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Custom made Police & Military insignia

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  • Custom made Police & Military insignia

    A very close friend (Hennie) of mine is a retired South African Policeman.
    (When these guys were in the Police Force the words “Serve & Protect” meant something).
    One day he decided to make a ring with the South African Police emblem on it.
    His fellow colleagues who saw the ring, started asking him to make them jewelry with the S.A, Police emblem on it as well.
    What started off as a hobby is starting to turn into a full time business.

    He told me today that he has started taking international orders from military & policemen who want jewelry with their unit’s emblem on it & asked me to spread the word.

    If anybody is interested they can contact Hennie.
    His contact details are on his face book page or email him at [email protected]
    Most of the posts on his page are in Afrikaans but is also fluent in English.