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man killed inside own home by "swatting" prank

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    Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
    Thanks Steve - I'd forgotten how serious gaming can be. SgtWinters nailed it - our whole culture has taken a nose dive in the last decade, and a lot of these people need to step away from the computer. (Any hobby that takes up 90 to 100% of your time is a sign of sickness.
    I used to make decent-ish money for playing games. I would enter into local tournaments. So I mean, if you're making money off of it.

    Originally posted by Ingio Montoya View Post
    WT actual F? I'm so glad I have a life
    Gaming can be pretty serious. For years I played in the competitive circuit, last year we were playing in the Go46 Rainbow Six Siege Cup tournament and we caught some players stream sniping our clan leader when we were pushing for a spot in the top 20 our of 300 teams. There were sponsors on the line, so we were pretty miffed when we figured that out.

    Back in the day I won a total of about 4k in either prize money or sponsors for gaming before the end of things. I can't play as well as I used to with my eyesight going.

    And for Squid ranting on about hostage ****. F off. If you don't know about something, don't talk about it. Waste of oxygen. They swat for a lot of other reasons, and not often is the victim 'innocent'. Take Gross Gore. The man was making bank on Twitch, one of the top streamers, his info got leaked, totally his fault it got leaked, and he was sent everything from take out to hookers.
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      Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
      Mods - please move this to Off Topic or Burn Barrel. Not relevant to security discussions, veiled racist remarks by Squid.
      I've got a really cool idea. Why don't you let squid be squid, let the mods be the mods and you be you.

      I'm beginning to think some of you became security guards because you just want to run something.

      This would be a lot better for him if people would just stay in their Lane
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        knock it off. This is a warning.


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