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    i go and work out at my gym mostly every morning.
    i like to get a jog in and body weight exercises.
    yesterday was a 3 mile jog, under 40 minutes
    50 push ups, 75 sit ups both by sets
    50 pull ups,(weight assisted) by sets
    50 dips, body weight by sets
    and some arms

    today will be mostly the same but put in a set or two of legs.

    a far cry from my younger days but not to bad for a old used up public servant

    this year i have completed 4 - 5ks and 1 -10 k in the 10 k.. i finished 9th in my age group...399 overall

    that being said, i have been watching hand cuffings and take down techniques. i am not sure if i am in good enough shape to be thrown around, or to tussle.

    gunna get in touch with a old bro, he has a dojo , gunna let him toss me around and see

    any of yall gym rats too?

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    I would say more than 68% or something of security guards can't do one sit up. This is overkill if it's true.


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      i always prided my self in my fitness. working out is something i enjoy.

      getting high on caffeine now....about 2 cups down, 3 more to go then gym time.


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        i was figuring i may have patrol stairwells and such.

        gunna throw in 20 reps of these stairs to my work out.


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          I had posts where i sat in an empty parking lot over night. or drove around a quarry. there are many different jobs out there.


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            Hell, I once in my early days I trained a guard that had one arm and was so fat you didn't know where the chair ended and he began, or vice versa.


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              Originally posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
              Hell, I once in my early days I trained a guard that had one arm and was so fat you didn't know where the chair ended and he began, or vice versa.
              We actually had a guy who was on oxygen. He wasn't there very long after he was on oxygen but he was there. We also had a guy that worked on his site for a year with his boss covering for him who was in the early stages of dementia. He would go out on patrol and forget where he was at


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                i would prefer a outdoor walking type of post.
                heat, cold, rain dont matter to me. i like foul weather.


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                  Outdoor walking post my home for 6 years


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                    I took this picture from the southwest corner fence line, if you look really closely you can see the main complex of buildings down over the hill


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                      Nothing finer than to crisscross your walking path and meet a pack of coyotes
                      Snakes? We have few poisonous snakes in Massachusetts but we still have some mean ones
                      Skunks? Yup got them
                      And active railroad lines
                      8 degrees below zero
                      3 feet of snow
                      Hurricane Sandy
             Greatest Comedy team ever!


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                        looks like some fine outdoors there ingio, bet you enjoying it!

                        and cope....thats hardcore, gave me a yall be safe out there for sure


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                          Not a coyote but


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                            Are feet good to eat


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                              right on, i like wild life.

                              i have a camp where i fish and hunt, feed the fish and game animals year around.
                              matter of fact, taking a troubled 12 year old youth and his father there today so they can fish and shoot guns. kinda give them some bonding time

                              i want to cut my run time and cut off 10 lbs before i report for hire.

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