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Heresy and You

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  • Heresy and You

    This helpful guide is designed to help you, the SIW Forum Poster, understand why your topic was locked, you were yelled at, and/or why your topic doesn't exist anymore -- and why its Extra Heretical to post it again.

    First, let me explain that heresy is basically any violation of the rules of the forum. You can find the general rules, at any time, by clicking the FAQ link at the top left hand corner of the forum page. Its between User CP and Member's List.

    First, let us go over the rules, as defined by Cygnus Business Media:
    Prohibited Content: Any content that attacks or slanders an individual or forum; divulges personal information about other users or organization in a defamatory, innappropriate or illegal manner; sexually explicit language or discussion or innuendo; copywritten material which the user does not have explicit permission to repost on; and any additional posting, topic, userid, profile message or any component of these forums which the owners deem inappropriate. No profanity allowed. reserves the right to remove any posting, user or content with or without notice, explantion or reason.
    Attacks or slander against individuals or (the) forum in general.

    Divulging Personal Info in a defamatory, inappropriate or illegal manner.

    Sexually explicit language, discussions of a sexually explicit nature, and innuendo about such sexually explicit... things.

    Reposting copyrighted material that CBM isn't licensed to have...

    Pissing Off CBM.

    These are pretty simple rules, and define the core of Heresy. It is heretical to attack and/or slander people. It is heretical to name drop to get people in trouble. It is heretical to talk about that thing you do. You know the one. Its heretical to fill in the blanks on that thing you do. In fact, it's heretical to paint a picture more graphic than "that thing you do."

    It is extra heretical to copy somebody's AP news story in full and post it here. This will get the nice people at CBM yelled at, and could lose them their ability to carry or access AP or other newswires.

    So, having defined heresy, what will happen to the heretics?

    The punishment for heresy is traditionally death.

    United States law, manpower limitations, and the cost of wood and gasoline prevent the moderators from travelling to your location, dragging you out and shooting you, and burning the place you post from down as a symbol to others. That, and there's a war on, bullets are expensive.

    So, instead, we'll do one of the following:
    1) We'll post in the thread. Some moderators like to actually say something useful. Other moderators may bother saying something useful, or they may just mention something about the thread. It may be something "Internetty" like: This thread is now about __________. That is your binding cue to start talking about something else, the path the thread is on will lead to #2, #3, etc.

    2) We're gonna go through the thread with the Yellow or Red Card button, and start sending out "warnings." The nice thing about the warning system is that if you get too many in a time frame, you go on "probation," which is a temporary ban.

    3) We're gonna "close" the thread. This means that you still get to read it, but nobody can post to it. Other forums love these, they serve as an example of what not to do.

    4) We're gonna delete the entire thread, and your antics will disappear. Unless Google or Bing catches them, then they're on the internet for ever.

    So, what happens if your Extra Heretical? We're gonna skip some steps. You might get probated, you might get banned. You might login to see all your posts in a topic gone, and every other post edited to remove any reference to you.

    As as always, doubting the Emperor's will, consorting with Xenos, or worshiping the Warp Gods is heretical.

    Note: While this post is made somewhat in jest, everything in here is true. While I don't take this position that seriously, someone gave me the power to edit all your posts, yell at you, and ban you based on your activities on this forum. I have power over half the forum, Curtis has power over the other half. And we both can warn/probate/ban in any thread.

    If Curtis directly tells you to change the topic, you're probably doing something wrong. If I suggest a topic changes to rainbows and kittens, you're definitely doing something wrong.

    What wrong is, btw, is entirely up to the moderators and administrator. If you don't like something we've done, feel free to email [email protected], he will either yell at us or he'll yell at you.

    Thought for the Day: Questioning leads to doubt. Doubt leads to Heresy. Heresy leads to Death.
    Some Kind of Commando Leader

    "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law