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Santa Claus Censored Downunder

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  • Santa Claus Censored Downunder

    Yes it is true - Santa Claus is not permitted to say HO HO HO as this is considered derogatory to some women - especially those off Jerry Springer. It is a term of describing a woman of ummmmmm immoral virtues but exclusive to the US (perhaps canada from Jerry reruns to).

    Now they have been told to say HEY HEY HEY or HA HA HA or HE HE HE. Censorship gone crazy and many have quit in disgust at a recruitment company taking the fun out of Xmas.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu

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    i hate politicly correct world we live


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      Santa Claus Censored Downunder

      Join poop.(people offended by offend people)

      oh ya


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        This is fair dinkum ............. it has gone crazy now. Not to mention the no hug rule or no comment about having a nice looking mummy too. Sad when Santa has to be screened before starting his shift. 1 year I was the VIP Security for Santa's arrival by Thomas the Tank Engine. A few parents left their kids in prams as poor old Thomas came steaming down the road and almost ran over these kids until the police and I moved the prams out of harms way.
        "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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          Political correctness offends me! It seems like a one way door depending who you are. OZ I would like to see you and a lot of your friends rebel against the Santa thing down under. It has always been Ho Ho Ho and should always be that. Jerry Springer is a great disappointment to me. When I lived in Florida we had a 13 foot sat dish and I was able to watch Jerry when he had a real talk show and was Mayor of Cleveland Ohio. A smart man that sold out for money. On the good side Walmart announced that Santa will be back in their stores this year and Target will not put Holiday fliers in the stores in leu of the traditional Christmas fliers. Now the yups want to have a slim Santa cause it sends a bad message to their fat lazy kids to see a plump jolly Santa. Ho Ho Ho to you all.
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            The Quebec is the land of politicaly correct in some governemental building you cant say christmas , you need to say winter festival .

            This is for not offending other religion


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              Chucky, he was mayor of Cincinnati Ohio. His personal demeanor is a far cry from that which he displays on TV.
              Enjoy the day,


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                Originally posted by The Hussard
                The Quebec is the land of politicaly correct in some governemental building you cant say christmas , you need to say winter festival .

                This is for not offending other religion
                What a load!!!

                We have been wishing "merry Christmas" in Canada, U.S. all the other christian (based) roots nations since God who knows. (maybe that just offended someone too).

                This is the way it is here this is our heritage.
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                  I notice that when these so called PC issues are mentioned it is often stated that, "You are not permitted to say ........or you are not allowed to use the word ......." and so on and so forth.

                  Who says you can't?

                  Can anyone quote me an authority?


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                    Irish we have daycare centres now banning Santa Claus and Xmas Carols - who says these people have the rights to do that ? A few Santa's have quit in disgust over this and I can not understand why someone would make up such rubbish of it being derogatory to a country who prides inself on a unique slang that attempts to keep away from the US Rap influences (ok it is the youth now).

                    Last year we had a Secret Santa at work and a colleague I know is Muslim sent me a Happy New Year Card with a very nice gift under $10.00 Ironically I chose her name and sent her a 2006 New Years Eve picture frame which she accepted as she told me - this is your Christmas but we also share in the family time as well. She did not sue the office for having Xmas decorations or having a Xmas tree in the lobby. I think it is really taking things too far this time.
                    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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                      It's all crap! I will say " Merry Christmas", " HO HO HO!" and anything else I damn well please. Who do people think they are when they think they can censor me!

                      Be Safe,

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                        What, exactly, are you saying?

                        I am wondering what I believe is the same thing IrishCop was asking, which is for you to SPECIFICALLY name the governmental authority that has made it ILLEGAL (meaning subject to a court imposed fine, or court imposed jail time) for anyone (in a Santa suit, or not) to say HO-HO-HO in public.

                        That is what your post seems to imply.

                        Now if you saying that a private business is not allowing THEIR employee Santa Claus to say HO-HO-HO, that is a different.

                        By the way, if it is a governmental order, Austrailia is losing its' right to FREE SPEECH, and is one step away from losing all its' freedoms, and I don't think that's going to happen, knowing what little I do about Aussie independance and freedoms.


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                          It is the largest provider of Xmas staff and Santas in the country - WESTAFF. No we don't have a new law called the No HO HO HO Act 2007. But what amazes me is how quick people have come to make decisions affecting children of customers and assuming it is the right thing to do. Some kids have strict curfews and others may not. Some can swear like troopers and others are not able to use the word damn without punishment. Let the parents make the decision as to what they want for their children not some bunch of do-gooders who assume they know everything or some professor of BS who based their studies on theory.

                          My last store LPM role had me playing Santa Claus cop as we had a few punchups inside the Santa's Castle the previous weekend. So I took the first shift (smart to get out before the crowds) and the just speaking with the parents and the smiles on their faces waiting to go into Santa's castle - that to me was what Xmas was all about - not some politically correct wanker telling me it is derogatory by saying HO HO HO. We are not the USA and we don't even use that term towards a woman ......... this is just pure madness.
                          "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu