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    One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy...

    Anyone have a co-worker that spends almost the entire shift talking on their cell phone.

    They are ever so multi-talented, as they can be talking on their cell phone while; report writing, dealing with the public, driving around their post, walking around their post, using the bathroom (flushing the toilet included ) and any other thing that they have to do.

    Some of their conversations can last for HOURS. They have to have super batteries for the lengths of the calls.


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      Anyone have a co-worker that spends almost the entire shift talking on their cell phone.
      Or a guard who gets multiple calls and texts and each is preceded by some irritating rap or gosphel song they set as a ringtone. Then, because the signal sucks in the guard shack/office, they hop up from thier chair and walk outside and dissappear for an hour at a time. Did they go on patrol? No the portable radio is still in the charger and the patrol van is still parked over there. Where is she? Damn, I need to make a run to the bathroom and the phone is gonna ring as soon as I sit down on the toilet.

      Guards who, not happy with watching DVDs on a portable player with a 7 inch screen, plug into a TV being used as a camera monitor. Now, instead of of displaying the front of a building we are supposed to be watching, the monitor is playing Die Hard.

      Guards who come to work planning to sleep and do so nightly. "I got 2 kids and go to community college during the day so if I don't sleep at work then I never get any rest". At 2 am this morning we had a ship arrive at our dock to take on several tons of steel. The Facility Security Officer was out on the dock to do the paperwork to ensure we were covered for all MARSEC and other requirements. When I was unable to raise on the radio the guard assigned to the guard booth on the levee the FTO agreed to check on her. I'm calling "Security Desk to Levee, come in", repeat. Nothing. Nada. The FTO found her asleep in her car parked next to the guard booth and the radio on the seat next to her, Turned Off.

      Department supervisors who screw around waiting until right at shift change before calling for a Security EMT to respond to the nurses clinic for a drug test. Anytime equiptment is damaged or someone is hurt the EMTs get the pleasure of doing a pee test to confirm that the employee isn't high. We do a quick triage test which tells us if they employee tests positive and has to go home or can coninue working if it's negative. Some employees know that they are probably going to test hot and, while an accident may have taken place hours before, the supervisor will wait until the end of a shift to "pee" them so that they can finish the shift and not leave that department shorthanded. I got called to Medical for a "pee test" just before my releif was due to arrive this morning. I then waited at the nurses desk for the employee and his supervisor to show up for 20 minutes. Turns out the department heads decided to do their shift change and let the day shift leadman handle the employee. Twenty minutes after my shift change my radio keys up Leadman-"Hey Security-EMT, did anyone notify you that we need you at the clinic to do a drug test?" Me-"Yes and I've been waiting for 20 minutes here at the nurses desk. Where have you been?" Leadman-"We were doing shift change. We are leaving the shipping office now headed your way now." Me-"Well, I've been off the clock for a while now so I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me when you get here." My Relief at the security desk- "I'm on my way back there to releive you." Me-"Whatever". I left the plant a half hour late this morning.
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        Can I add some more please ?

        - guards unable to use a radio or log an incident into an occurrence book.

        - guards who spend an LP shift on the phone to their mates or spouses

        - guards who decide that peeing out the back door of a gate house is fun in summer

        - guards who arrive to a new site and the first thing they ask is "WHEN IS MY BREAK ?" which should be grounds for a bitch slap from the boss. A 12 hour shift and this has to be a cultural thing which is becoming all too common.

        - guards who arrive at a post without a bloody pen and notebook which cost $8.00 US each. SPEND THE BLOODY MONEY !!!!!

        - guards who are not issued with the correct uniforms for cold weather

        - guards who have no english skills apart from enough to drive a taxi

        - guards from 1 culture who speak in their own language amongst themselves
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          1) TL's that show favoritism to themselves.
          2) Missing keys that have been checked out.
          3) Incomplete logs.

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            Guards who don't read the handover logs and are then heard complaining (loudly so other depts can hear also) to other officers that leadership doesn't keep us informed of what is going on
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