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oh no!!! my HDD fan is acting up!

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  • oh no!!! my HDD fan is acting up!

    well on of the two blades is cracked so it grinds... so this maybe my last entry for a few days till new fan i ordered arrives....
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    I once had issues with my fan stopping on an old PC and it had nothing to do with the PC - just the $10.00 part was covered in dust and dirt. Amazing how we put so much faith in the smaller parts but are willing to spend a fortune on new gear.

    Best of luck UPF ........... I would consider getting a bigger fan or more powerful unit if you can fit it inside your CPU.
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      If it truly is your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) fan, simply disconnect it. HDD fans are performance parts, they are not needed for normal operation of a hard drive.

      If its your processor fan, then you have a serious problem and we'll see you when its fixed.

      If its a case fan... That depends on your airflow if you can disconnect it or not.
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        That's a shame UPF! Hurry back.

        Be Safe,

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          Whats the prognosis Doctor, does the patient live?