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Any marathon fans? I have a nice perk

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  • Any marathon fans? I have a nice perk

    I was looking at the newspaper this morning. Oh, the CIM (california internation marathon) is coming to town Sunday. Its a really big deal in the marathon world. Snarls traffic all over town and gets lots of press. So I glance at the map. Hmmm, it goes down L street downtown. Light goes off in my head "hey, the building I'm guarding Sunday fronts L street". There a little ramp going up to the construction elevator that will be a perfect viewing stand. Couldn't get a better spot to watch the race. Its only about ten blocks from the finish so there might even be some drama about that time.

    Free perk some people would kill for and I don't give a rats ass about marathoning /sigh

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    Any marathon fans?

    Once, I watched 4 episodes of Rockford Files in a row, does that count?
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      During the 2000 games I was in the middle of a group recruitment interview for Security Crew to work at the Olympic Sites for another company and we stopped mid way - grabbed a coffee and went outside to see the Olympic Torch Relay all over in about 30 seconds.
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        A buddy of mine was a marathon racer and a member of the New York Road Runners Club. After a long, hard day installing burglar alarms, it was not uncommon to hear him say "well, gotta go run 2.5 miles".

        What kind of person runs with no one chasing them.
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          Originally posted by Eric View Post
          Any marathon fans?

          Once, I watched 4 episodes of Rockford Files in a row, does that count?
          Nope! But does a " All day" marathon of Abbott and Costello count?
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            Funny story 'bout a marathon runner, one of our guy's is one. He was in a foot chase with a bunch of kids that took off. Catches one and say's "how old are you" kid say's "15" partner says "you're not in very good shape for 15", leaving the "I'm a marathon runner" part out...
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