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    Originally posted by Eric View Post
    Digital audio recorders are small, easy to hide, and will be under the 100.00 threshold. Voice activated gives longer recordable time as well.

    If confronted with her own words, coupled with how the animals stay away, it could be enough.....
    I've been thinking about that as well. That is certainly a viable option. Oddly enough, the animals really don't stay away, that's part of what makes it difficult to know for sure. It seems to be sporadic enough not to have created any cringing or avoidance yet.

    I almost wish something would happen in my presence just obvious enough to give me an answer and opportunity to act, without harming the animals.

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      Use caution!

      OfficerChick, if you have read some of my postings, you know I often advise using some form of caution in them.

      I'm afraid I'm going to have to do the same for you in this circumstance. I would advise you to check out texas law regarding video taping (or any video / camera recording) and voice recording that is done without the knowledge and / or concent of the party being recorded.

      It could be up to a felony for some of these things (as it is in California, at least for voice recording, and possibly for the video taping- I never had a case like yours for the video taping by someone authorized to be in the house.) I did have a case of a man dressing up as a woman going into a public (women's) bathroom in one our upper scale hotel's (the city I worked for was an upper middle class area ) with a hidden video camera, and he was video taping the women using the bathroom. That was a criminal offense, and he was convicted.

      As a side note to the above, the suspect in the video taping was found out to be doing so by the women using the bathroom. They attacked him and beat on him, as he tried to escape. He lost one of his high heels while running away, just like cinderella. That was one of the many ways I used to I.D. him for the crime. (If the shoe fits you must....FIND THEM GUILTY).

      The reason I bring this up is because the video tape that the suspect took was the primary evidence used against him in court, and if the recordings are illegal in your state, they would be used against you, and WE CAN'T HAVE THAT.

      So, if your not sure, call up your local district attorney's office and speak to a D.A. Do it on a phone that will show you called their phone number, and how long you were on the phone with them. Get the name of the D.A. you talked with. Then pose your question to them. It would be nice if you could record it, but if you do, you tell them you are going to record your conversation before they say anything, and you record your telling them that it will be recorded. Unfortunatly, some people don't like being recorded, and you may not get much of a response out of them.

      Again, good luck with all this.


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        Good points to remember bpdblue. It amazes me how litigious people can be.

        You can carry a gun for protection but possibly not make recordings of others in your own home without the threat of some penality. Next, there will be sliced bread available in corner stores.
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          During a witch hunt interview, I recorded the conversation and covered myself when I agreed to the recording and asked if anyone objected if I recorded the interview ? No one said NO or asked me what I meant. When it came to nothing I read the transcript and found missing paragraphs from my memory. I used my own recording to compare details and could smell BS. I presented my evidence to the CEO who ran it through the legal eagles who agreed it was all legit and I was covered. 2 days later 4 staff were fired for their dishonesty when all other transcipts were found to be fraudulently altered. Don't let this bite you in the backside, OC.
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            What types of animals are we talking about here? Out of curiosity. Thing is, is that just as we humans develop different mannerisms and lose trust in people after abuse so will animals, it's sad to watch a dog shy away. And people wonder why good pets go bad and rip the mail man's arm off...
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              You know, the real problem here is that you also don't know where, exactly, this might be happening. If you use video, what's the chance the camera would be where it's happening - and pointed in the right direction, etc.

              Audio recording might be just as effective because animals will usually make some kind of noise if they are struck hard enough to be hurt. Plus, your partner might well be heard yelling at them, etc.

              Or, you could use audio to cover areas not covered by video.

              Or, you could just act preemptively and get rid of your partner, given that you have these suspicions. What kind of a person must she be...and just look what she's putting you through! If I felt I had to put cameras around my house to "catch" my other half doing something as despicable as cruelty to animals, one of us would be packing long before I got to the point of sneaking around planting bugs. Your intuition is warning you about something here, and I'm guessing that it's about lots more than just the animals.
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                bpdblue, thanks for the caution. That is something I've been wondering about.

                The animals are 2 dogs and a passle of kitties (4). What's weird about it, though, is that there hasn't been any behavioral change in them towards her. None of them cringe, growl, duck, flinch or avoid her. They're all just as affectionate (and demanding!) as always. I've seen the effects of animal abuse, and I don't really see it here.

                We discussed it last night, and what she told me makes sense with what I know of the animals. Anyone who has cats knows that when changing the litterbox it's a race to see who can soil it first. We have one who's especially obnoxious about this. She said she picked him up and tossed him out, and he lightly hit the couch. I could see this either way - she's lying to put me off, or that's really what happened. I love that cat, but he's a nuisance sometimes.

                Honestly, this is probably beyond the scope of this forum. I hate even having to consider bugging my own home, I hate the idea of her hurting them, and I hate the idea of having to end it. Don't get me wrong, safety of defenseless ones ALWAYS comes first. Ah, well. Don't mean to get so far off security topics.
                That's a direct quote. Not word for word, but the gist of it.


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                  That's why we're in the "Off Topic (non-security issues) forum. We all need a break from the daily grind. And what better way than to give someone else advice about their issue or posting something funny or playing a game, etc.... We all need interaction other than work topics.
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                    You're pretty much free to post what you want here as long as it's not nude, lewd, lascivious.
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                      Originally posted by Security Consultant View Post
                      You're pretty much free to post what you want here as long as it's not nude, lewd, lascivious.
                      I can promise you, it will never be nude.

                      Thanks for the support. I woke up with a song (can't remember the name to save my life) stuck in my head: "But I don't believe it, don't believe it..."

                      Hmmm. Think someone's tryin' ta tell me somethin'?
                      (not being religious, etc... By "someone" I also mean my subconscious, oogily-boogily, super-ninja spy sense )
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                      That's a direct quote. Not word for word, but the gist of it.


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                        State laws vary, but federally speaking, in public places, you must post a notice if audio recording on premises. People have a resonable expectation of privacy in conversations.

                        Privately, Arkansas law says that at least one person in a conversation must know it's being recorded.

                        Video is different. Basically, you cannot record where people have an expectation of privacy, such as locker rooms or bathrooms. In a store or mall, cameras see what everyone else sees, so you have no expectation of privacy.
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                          Originally posted by Security Consultant View Post
                          You're pretty much free to post what you want here as long as it's not nude, lewd, lascivious.
                          See, this is why I don't post much.
                          The CCTV Blog.

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                            Have you ever thought of getting a 2nd litter box so you can quickly swap it over for the fresh one ? It might eliminate some of the "what-ifs" from your partner and make things easier to deal with that trouble-some feline. Just a thought as we have feral cat problems big time in the bush and in the city as people dump unwanted kittens. A factory I would work at sometimes had a roaming group of some 50 cats and every time a litter was found it was taken to the shelter down the road. Rat problems were never an issue around the factories except for this gang of cats.
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                              soory to necro...

                              OC, Texas law, as far as I can tell, allows you to record what goes on in your own home. It is not public domain and, therefore, you can install cameras, recorders, whatever you wish. One caution, just buy one of thsoe signs that says 'smile, you're on camera.' your partner may think it's a joke, or not, either way, it should clears you...not only would you be within your rights a s property owner, but you technically provided a warning, even if it isn't taken seriously. I do the same type of thing at work with voice recording. I warn that the person is being recorded. IF they don't object, then I am cleared...


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                                The camera won't work for financial and placement reasons, but you just gave me a great idea. I bet I could find a sound-activated voice recorder and set that up in the living room. Aside from the hours of barking (2 big dogs) sure to be on it, that might tell me if she's sneaking back in after we leave.
                                That's a direct quote. Not word for word, but the gist of it.