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    Amen LP9999. It happens at work and it happens in our personal lives as well. Once that trust is broken it is never going to be the same again and it is never going to be replaced so easily.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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      Is this appropriate?

      Hank Williams song, goes like this,

      "Your cheatin heart will make you weep"


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        Originally posted by LP9999 View Post
        My husband cheated on me 1 month before I found out I was preggers. I didn't find out about the cheat till I was 3 weeks away from giving birth.

        I've been on both sides of this issue (the cheater and the cheatee) from various past relationships. Trust is easy to lose and hard to gain.
        While assigned to Dobbins AFB GA, North of Atlanta, a member of our unit decided to play hide the salami with another's wife. Not a pretty sight when the husband, a Marine, came home early. Bad news, our unit guy was in the hospital for six weeks and the wife divorced. Our unit guy's wife filed for divorce. Cobb County Judge granted it in a timely manner. Forgot to mention, our unit guy lost his clearance, required for the job.
        Enjoy the day,


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          Originally posted by copelandamuffy View Post
          Am I not reading the tea leaves right, but from some of the posting it seems
          okay to have an occasional fling or one night whoopie in your local
          Motel 6, with someone besides your wife or husband.

          For those who are married, I assume you were married in a church, or synagogue, before a minister, preist, or rabbi, and under the eyes of
          God. Isn't part of the vows state "Keep Your Trousers or Dress on" except
          in front of your partner.

          Sorry to rant and rave on this, but I see this crap all the time.
          Wives or Husbands who spend a night under the sheets with someone
          beside the person they married, and find this okay

          This is from someone who has been married for 25 years.
          How sad these posts are. I agree with the statement above. I have been married 17 years...twice! At least I can't be accused of not hanging in there. When you really love someone (#2 in my case), even a big time fantasy about someone else fades when it comes right down to it. If two people really, really loved each other at one point in their relationship, then IMO, your energy is better spent trying to regain that feeling, even if using a therapist, clergyman (clergy person?) is necessary. Sadly, however, that doesn't always work. All the best to you.
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