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The Wedding bells are ringing.

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  • The Wedding bells are ringing.

    The Wedding bells are ringing.


    I Stephen Brasher would Like to announce engagment to Deborah Gambsky.

    We are getting married on November 24th. 2009 2007

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    Congratulations! Is that 20092007? That's a long ways away - is there a fear of commitment here? That's like 20,090,000 years from now. I'm not sure I'd wait that long for ya.
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      Congrats on the engagement!

      Be Safe,

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        Well done. Remember always Deborah is the most beautiful woman in the world. Remember too Deborah will always be right! If you and she share cooking duties, she will have never prepared a bad or unappetizing meal.
        Enjoy the day,


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          Originally posted by Bill Warnock View Post
          Well done. Remember always Deborah is the most beautiful woman in the world. Remember too Deborah will always be right! If you and she share cooking duties, she will have never prepared a bad or unappetizing meal.
          Enjoy the day,
          Thanks mate. Debbie said that you are smart man.


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            Originally posted by Steve354 View Post
            Thanks mate. Debbie said that you are smart man.
            Debbie, Steve, that advice came from an Irish Chaplin USAF Lt. Colonel, Father Edward Egan, and for the past 46 1/2 years it has held up very well.
            I must confess that I've eaten K-Rations, C-Rations, survival rations and large grubs, minus their heads and intestines. The local populace ate them and when hungry, most everything not poisonous fills the void.
            Our nurse daughter, Debbie, tells me Daddy, you'd eat anything and my response always is, "I probably have."
            Again, congratulations.
            Enjoy the day,


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              Congrats from Australia on the news - I am getting married next year and to a woman too. With the cost of weddings these days it will be a 12 month plan as we are paying for it ourselves and of course the planning is just a nightmare too.
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                Best wishes. Remember never open your mouth unless you can show you right. You have to beable back up with facts. Even sometime it's better to let her think she right and keep the peace
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                oh ya


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                  Ah yes marriage, the great institution. Remember, marriage requires commitment. So therefore you must be “committed to the institution”. Just kidding –Congratulations Steve and Deborah.


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                    It's not too late to tuck your tail and run!

                    Just kidding...congratulations!


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                      Congrats man. I know a guy who's been married 5 times, so there must be something to it.

                      Really though, congrats to both of you. May it be long, so happy it seems short, and prosperous.
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                        Why buy the cow if you are getting the milk for free?

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                          October 15th, 2007, and my wife and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversery. 25 years and two daughters, and one son later.

                          In 25 years do expect the following:

                          The pure joy of cuddling your own children
                          { Try be in the birthing room, with your wife, when she delivers her 1st born.
                          Nothing greater in the world}

                          Watching your kids run for the Christmas tree, on Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought them.

                          Seeing your kids riding a horse. or riding a bicycle for the 1st time

                          Holding a baby kitten you brought home for them

                          Playing Grammy and Grampa. Our oldest daughter gave birth to a daughter this past March 2007.

                          You will hit pot holes in the road of marriage:

                          Do expect that one of you will get laid off from your job. Or your company will close its doors for good.

                          Illness and injury. My wife was in Massachusetts General Hospital for six weeks after being hit head on by another driver. Or your own kids in a hospital after being a car wreck.

                          Death of parents and grandparents. Or their illness and injuries

                          You will have cat fights. Yelling sometimes. But be carefull what you say.
                          And if you hit something, hit a wall or door. They can be patched up.

                          You or your wife can expect to work long-long hours and not always see each other. Being in our nutty business of being Security Guards, I forgot
                          how many Christmas I have worked.

                          { I am assuming you know this already}

                          What keeps a marriage strong?

                          Never do anything that would embarrass your family {Larry Craig, Ted Kennedy}

                          Gambling, alcohol, and drug addiction will destroy most marriages

                          Say your sorry if you screw up {and you will}

                          Always remember your wedding anniversary and her birthday {even a nice card telling her you love her really helps}

                          Only one person takes care of paying bills and handling finances
                          I am pretty good at this, and my wife lets me handle the cash and bills.

                          Yes in some ways you will be "The Odd Couple" Felix and Oscar

                          Leave the Playboy and Hustler magazines at the men's locker room "That Girl you married is your centerfold, and PlayBoy Bunny"

                          You both like pets. My wife and I love cats. { As I type this our cat is trying his best to help me}

                          If the wife wants to have the house painted. Let her chose the color of the paint. Same goes for new furiniture, and decor in the home. Let her string the lights on the Christmas tree. Let her chose the appliances. Or adding an addition to your home let her speak with contractor.

                          Let only one person take care of the maintenace of the home and cars.

                          You will be married to not only your wife, but her sisters as well.
                          { My wife has three sisters}
                          You will be married to her Mom and Dad.
                          You better like them
                          { Thank goodness all mine are great}

                          I am a firm believer in basically the same ideology.
                          Maybe I am wrong on this, but the same core beliefs
                          On election day, my wife and I usually vote for the same person.
                          We think a like. Boring? Yes, but it has kept our marriage strong

                          { Okay my wife watches "Dancing with the Stars" and I watch Vince MachMaon's Professional wrestlers on "Monday Night Raw", we ain't that perfect}

                          And yes my wife likes souped up Ford Mustangs, and I like cars with rust and
                          150,000 miles, again not perfect.

                          A few more tips.
                          Keep your clothes on. The only person whom should see you in the buff is your doctor and your wife. God how many marriages have I seen because the wife or husband had a one night affair, and failed . Sorry but sleeping with someone else beside your wife or husband is just damn wrong !!

                          And also keep the Sex alive and Great
                          Many years after you do celebrate your wedding vows, you two should keep each other like boiling pots of water, boiling over with love and being happy
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                            Hi. Debbie and I would like to thank you all for your very kind words.

                            We have just set our wedding date and it;s on November 17.


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                              All the best from a northern neighbour.
                              Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
                              Groucho Marx