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    For those who know me from the old SPS web page, I usually brings this up
    on occasion. We have 166 acres of land to patrol, of which 144 acres of this
    land is deep woods. About this time of the year the deer are everywhere,
    Wild turkeys { yes they do fly}, coyotes.

    At night you can hear the coyotes wailing for the mates
    Lots of fun walking in the woods at night.
    And about this time of the year Dr. Frankenstein, the WereWolf, and Count Draculla share a path with you

    With hunting season in full swing in a couple of days in Massachusetts we
    wear on patrol orange hats and orange vests.

    One of the hunters last year tried taking a pop shot at a female police
    officer after he and Jack Daniels and Jim Beam got togther. Last I heard he is doing time in a eight by six room with bars in the Big House. Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    When I worked at NASA the facility was 10,000 acres or 22 miles of fence line. Lots of animals, and three or more deer were killed by suicide by vehicle every week. On Sundays we would thin the woodchuck population.
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      Working in a cluster of old railway sidings, the feral cat problem was a major issue as people would feed them so without a tv to watch they would breed and breed more. I had to reprimand one girl for feeding them as they would come in packs (is that the right term) of 50 plus and she would feed them causing them to dart in front of the patrol car and a few being hit.

      Where a colleage worked in the 80's, the officers were armed with rifles and had a bounty to shoot the feral dogs found onsite (it was bush) but after a few collars were found and a few signs were covered in bullet holes it was taken from the SOP's and professional shooters were then brought in.
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        We have lots of ferel cats. Most of teh plant employees throw them scraps. The cats also do quite well digging through trash cans.
        Here's a photo of a little kitten in our scrapyard I found while patroling.
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