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i cant wait much longer lol......

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  • i cant wait much longer lol......

    the anticapation of creating my own company finally getting closer will jan get here any quicker lol..... i can taste it is out of reach, i am going to probally have patches and my inital uniforms produced, in novemember, then then have proposals made up shortly after i move, then get me a client or two. then have me a business :P well its not that easy, but it is easier i think just as long as i dont set my expectations to high, it has taken the company i work for 10 years to get as large as they are, i expect in my first year to maybe get 1-3 contracts, second year 5-6 and stable for 3rd yeard with 6-8, and etc i figure growth of 1-2 contracts a year isnt too hard, and if i meet those goals great! but im not going to set the bar so high for my first 3 years that i will not achieve anything. biggest thing in business terms is to stay black or go into the green, avoid the red.... red is bad. i need to be a bull
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    Best of luck to you!


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      Remember to think "Net Growth", because in the second year you will probably lose one that you picked up during the first year. That's not meant to be a reflection on the kind of company your's will be, it's just part of the way the industry works!
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