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Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

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  • Curtis Baillie

    Pefer Tiger Beer or 'Tiger Piss' as we called it. Ever have any Mr. Warnock?

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  • N. A. Corbier
    I perfer Vanilla Pepsi to coke.

    Hmm, lets see. YUM! Foods used to be owned by Pepsi-Co, so Taco Hell and the rest was Pepsi. They may still be owned by PepsiCo, not sure how that works and Wiki takes effort.

    I like A&W, and that's a PepsiCo brand. I dislike Barqs, but will drink it, because of that horrific "bite."

    Coke also has a "bite."

    All around, Pepsi products for me.

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  • The Hussard
    Pepsi all the way , i dont know why but Quebec is the only place in North America were Pepsi is more sold than Coke

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  • copelandamuffy
    started a topic Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

    Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

    What do you prefer?
    Pepsi "or" Coca Cola
    I am loyal to Pepsi
    I grew up on Pepsi
    Saying Coke in our home was as bad as swearing

    One of the Pepsi bottling plants in the Boston area, was owned by one of my kin.

    Many years ago, Pepsi Cola in 12 ounce bottles sold for a nickel, and Coca Cola
    sold for a dime.
    Pepsi Cola owns Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade, and Quaker Oats

    Prior to going on patrol today, I drank a can of Pepsi, and started dancing
    like Micheal Jackson.You had to been around in 1983 to understand that joke
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